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The Essay About The Documentary Film Called A Bite Of China (Movie Review Sample)


Write the essay about the documentary film called A Bite of China

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Searching for sugar man
Searching for sugar man is a film depicting the differences in culture in North America, specifically the United States and South Africa. The plot of the movie revolves around the search for an American Singer by two South Africans. His music had become popular in South Africa, even though it was not really popular in America. In the movie, some issues are highlighted, including ethnic issues, equality, government and the differences between the USA and South Africa in terms of these issues. These issues will be discussed in the rest of the essay below. Sugar man is the corruption of the name of one of the people, his name is Segerman, he mentions the song where the corruption of his name came from, and how the name stuck on with him for so many years.
One of the government issues that is highlighted is the fact that these visitors are allowed freely into this country. Another issue that may be termed as a government issue is the fact that Rodriguez never got to know that his music was playing in South Africa. This could be for the reason that the government did not do enough to make people know about international issues. Their right to information is limited under this government. Another government issue, especially in South Africa, is the fact that racism, especially against black people was allowed, and even promoted by the government. The protests against apartheid were often because the white people did not support segregation and the fact that black people in their country were treated as second class citizens.
Another government issue is the issue of immigration. In both countries, there are issues that are clear. In South Africa, the rest of the world is almost unable to come there, and South Africans are out of touch. However, we can see that in some cases, some people are allowed to visit the place. For example, the girl who is rumored to have come with the Rodriguez album. In the United States, there is a lot more freedom than in South Africa. The two men looking for Rodriguez are able to interact with other people in the area without too many restrictions. The laws in this country allow them to do so with ease.
One of the ethnic issues that is clear in this is the fact that the United States was unappreciative of people who were not white. Rodriguez, or Sugar man, lost his job as a musician even though he clearly had the talent. The reason why he lost the job was because the people would not buy music from a person who was Mexican. They did not know of him previously, but the fact that he was unable to rise musically in the country portrays how these people saw race and ethnicity in the United States at this time (13 minute).
Issues of equality and dishonesty are also highlighted in this documentary. The first instance is in the issue of apartheid in South Africa. Here, we can see that this system mainly protected the white people in South Africa while oppressing the black. The result was that the country was locked down from the rest of the world. Lack of communication made the people there unaware of what was going on in the rest of the world. Issues of dishonesty are...
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