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Criminology short essay Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Using the Crime Statistics data provided through either the FBI or BJS, prepare a short essay (200-300 words) that discusses specific aspects of your hometown’s crime rates. On the webpage linked here https://www(dot)fbi(dot)gov/services/cjis/ucr/publications (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) you will see another link to CRIME DATA EXPLORER.
In the CRIME DATA EXPLORER, you will scroll down to the US Map and begin your search there. There is a section to click for Select an agency. The “agency” is the law enforcement agency reporting the crime statistics you need for this assignment.
You will find agency statistics categorized by metropolitan area so try to locate the area where you live, or live nearest. If you are an international student, please feel free to select and discuss a US city that you are familiar or interested. Military service members might also select their hometown or the city where stationed.
Please do not use Neighborhood Scout, City-Data, or Wikipedia for this assignment. If you gain additional information from other sources, please list these sources in your essay as well.
Please respond to the following questions:
• According to the statistics, what is the most significant crime problem in your community during the last years or most recent years’ statistics?
• How does this compare to your perception of crime in your community, or what you knew about the risk of crime victimization?
• How does the most recent crime rate compare to a specific previous year in the past…or in other words, how has crime changed statistically in your community? (You might pick an interesting year for comparison such as the year you were born or the year you graduated from high school or the year that you moved to that community.) Explain your reason for choosing that year for your comparison.
This assignment has 3 specific points (bulleted above) that you must use the FBI/UCR statistics to answer. Please write your response in your own words.
My hometown is Philadelphia.


Criminology Short Essay
The state of Pennsylvania continues to post reduced rates in violent crime. Notable violent crimes, including robbery, rape, and homicide, have decreased in the last year. Only aggravated assault has increased by four cases. Still, according to the statistics, the most significant crime problem in my community is homicide. Between 2017 and 2019, the rate of homicides in my community has remained above 5%. All other violent crimes posted significantly lower rates making homicid

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