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Classical and neoclassical thoughts on crime Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Include all thoughts on classical and neoclassical crime , as much information on both, about the theorists of neoclassical and classical, who founded which, personal thoughts on both, but mostly the essay must be apa format at least 750 words or 3 pages.


Classical and Neoclassical Thoughts on Crime
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Classical and Neoclassical Thoughts on Crime
A common example illustrating neoclassical criminology is that of a broke individual. By chance, the individual sees a pedestrian drop a purse. When he collects the purse, there is a large amount of cash inside. The question is what would you do if you were this individual. Would you take the money or hand the purse back to the owner? If you choose to take the money, you will have committed a crime. Some people would argue that taking the money would be a rational choice since you need it. However, neoclassical theorists would tend to differ. According to them, there is more to it than that.
Neoclassical criminology assumes that criminal behavior is determined individually and differs with the situation (Hall & Winlow, 2015). The neoclassical theorists argue that crime can be deterred, reduced, or eliminated by enforcing stricter child-rearing practices, enhancing punishment, and increasing security and surveillance. Neoclassical thoughts on crime can be linked to conservative ideas of crime control. The two are linked in that the neoclassical school of thought advocates for aggressive policing, probation practices, zero-tolerance parole, and lengthy prison sentences (Hall & Winlow, 2015).

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