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Anthropology focus on China (Essay Sample)

Content wise, with arguments that are better developed, and delivered in a clear, articulate manner. Question: Is it fair to say that Smith\'s book is very different from Gernet\'s? Despite of the fact that both focus on daily aspects of chinese life, they differ in their basic ways of approaching it. Will you agree with such an assessment? Or if you wish to argue that there exist also a good number of similarities between the two authors, what are those similiarties and how should one compare or understand them? please give page numbers when you make reference to Gernet. If other authors or books are referred, please give a full citation of them. two textbooks: TITLE:Daily Life in China on Eve of Mongol Invasion AUTHOR:Gernet EDITION: COPYRIGHT YEAR:1962 PUBLISHER:Stanford University Press TITLE:Chinese Characteristics AUTHOR:Smith EDITION: COPYRIGHT YEAR:2010 source..
Anthropology focus on China
Gernet, in his book “Daily Life in China on Eve of Mongol Invasion” is focused on the life and times of ancient China and tries to dismiss the notion that the Mongol invasion was caused by lack of change and immobility in the society. He explain the functioning of the society before the invasion ruled by the Southern Song dynasty (1127 - 1279) (Gernet, 13). It explains the social classes, the culture and practices done during those days. On the other hand, Smith’s book “Chinese Characteristics” analyzes the Chinese society with regards to the social, scientific and racial theory (Smith, 24). It also presents the social life and cultural characters of the Chinese during the 1890 period which are indicative of a small significant change in modern day Chinese society.
It is not fair to say that Smith's book is very different from Gernet's, despite of the fact that both focus on daily aspects of Chinese life, they don’t differ in their basic ways of approaching it. The main theme of the books remains how the Chinese have managed to stay away from western civilization despite numerous attacks. Despite their different timeframes, they depict a society that is rooted in culture and social practices that are stringent and uncompromised. For instance the economical nature of the Chinese is depicted in Smiths books when he quotes “the Chinese are pre-eminently economical (Smith, 19)” he refers to the feeding systems of the Chinese. (Gernet, 209) quotes “this economical funeral fashion, together with the prohibitions against meat and alcohol and against holding banquets, provided in the opinion of members of the sect, an excellent was of getting rich”.
The both describe the merchant trading of the Chinese (Smith, 28; Gernet 32). While Smith describes the actual details of a typical Chinese lifestyle and how they used to live and interact before the Southern Song dynasty...
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