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Ethnography of a Doctor's Office (Essay Sample)

As an anthropologist, write an ethnography on a doctors office. Please write in 1st person as you are experiencing it and write from an objective standpoint. Please use the following link as a guideline as to how to write this essay. http://people(dot)eku(dot)edu/milder/English_101_2.html Also include a seperate document with just bullet points of things observed in a doctors office, which should be included in the paper as well. For example, examples of speech (see the warning below about privacy) clothing ways of greeting, initiating conversation, beginning and ending an event body language, gestures the physical environment (the room, decorations, facilities – draw maps, write descriptions) social environment (Describe the community this group is a part of, and where they fit in that community.) timelines (You can write down what happens every five minutes, for instance. Or you can write down a time next to each observation.) any other concrete, physical detail of behavior, speech, or the environment source..
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Ethnography of a Doctor’s Office
The following document is about my visit to the hospital with my nephew. I went with him to the hospital that I have usually taken him but we did not find the doctor who normally attends to us. We find out that he has been transferred to another hospital and in his place is another doctor; a female doctor. She is just as refined as our normal doctor, serious with her work as required taking notes. She was a good doctor to my nephew. I believe she was a good replacement who will of great help to my family and me.
The hospital is a place where the ill have to be treated, but more so it’s a place where sickness is cured and the patient it made to feel at home. It is clean place which smells a lot like medicine and sanitizer. The tiles on the walls are spotless and the walls gleam with the blue paint, adding a serene air to the entire place. A number of patients walk in and out of the waiting room, seated with their families or loved ones they wait to be checked by the doctor. The receptionist was a friendly and welcoming person. Her attitude was not too intimidating and she met the patient without any expression, allowing them to be at considerable ease. She took down the patient’s name and number with a smile adding that “It is for record if the patient wishes to visit at a later date.” When the patient’s turn arrived she said “Your turn please, the doctor is waiting for you.”
I took my nephew to the doctor’s office for his monthly check up. Today we found another doctor who was a lady because our previous doctor had been transferred to another hospital. My nephew briefed the new doctor about his medical history and the lady seemed wonderful, personable and attentive. As my nephew was telling her about his health over the past days I noticed that she was writing some notes on a notebook which she could carry all around her in her pocket also she was looking at my nephew’s file that contained her entire medical history.
After that I asked her why she is always carrying the notebook with her. She seemed ambivalent about the notebook as if it was forced upon her.
She said, “Well I can take it with me everywhere and look up notes on each patient when we meet in the corridors and they ask me questions. It just feels like another thing to carry around and keep track of.”
She went to explain showing me that using the n...
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