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how the internet has changed world culture (Essay Sample)

Write a 500 word essay based on how technology, with particular emphasis on the internet and computers, has changed world culture. You might explore interaction between cultures, or you might wish to emphasize the evolution of some particular society. Conflicts between cultural values and materials available on the internet might also form a good basis for an essay source..
Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: How the Internet has Changed World Culture The internet has become a way of life for many individuals in the world today; searching anything has become easier with its invention. It has made the world a global village and is responsible for the high speed spread of information globally. However it has come with other impacts that social scientists argue that have impacts on the world cultures. It has changed the way people communicate, socialize and interact. This paper discusses how the internet has changed world culture. The internet has brought about the interaction of culture; people can access what other people in other parts of the world are doing. As a result they can practice it and adopt it as fashion or a normal practice. In some areas, other practices in culture are accepted as fashionable meaning it will be adopted by many people. This reveals the idea of popular culture where people adopt a given set of culture. The issue of globalization also indicates a global culture where the world is focused of a single aspect being developed in the developed world. Despite the positive impacts of the internet, it is likely to cause conflicts between cultural values. This is because of the various materials available on the internet; for instance, the conservative parents may have a problem with their children accessing information that is regarded as a taboo in...
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