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should we strive to resolve our political differences, or is political disagreement a good thing? How might Carl Schmitt help us respond to this question? (Essay Sample)

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Should we strive to resolve our political differences, or is political disagreement a good thing? How might Carl Schmitt help us respond to this question?
Political conflict or disagreement is healthy for a country as it helps in mobilizing or motivating citizens in involving themselves actively in public politics either via voting or holding public discussions. In addition to that, those individuals who loose in politics always become political activists or engage themselves in voluntary activities. The political activists play a vital role in fighting for peoples` rights that are often neglected by the reigning governments. Conflict can therefore defined as, a situation characterized by two or more different parties having different motives and ideas in confronting a particular problem which has no obvious solutions that are correct to accommodate everyone (Love 23). Therefore, within any situation, there are always two separate sources of conflict thatoverlap with each other.
Mill (63) points out that, democratic electorates are often composed of individuals who are interdependent and politically interconnected decision makers. These individuals often do not go into democratic politics alone.They always depend on one another for information and guidance politically.Hence, they make political persuasion and communication to lie at the core of democratic politics and citizenship. In addition to that, the strength of democratic politics depends on the citizens` capacity to disagree or reject or aswell as accept the viewpointsofothers. The citizens` and electorates` capacity to tolerate political disagreement comprise a central issue especially in democratic politics .The existing models of open, free and democratic society can be described as one in which issues that are political are fully explored and political debates fully aired.In such kinds of societies,citizens are often open to persuasion but also sympathetic to the continued disagreements, social boundaries on political viewpoints that are fluid and shifting and to individuals who encounter the full spectrum of issue positions and political viewpoints.
Importance of Disagreement in Democratic politics
Indeed it`s okay to put across that a democracy without any conflict and disagreement cannot be termed as a democracy. Therefore, institutions that are democratic are not supposed to eliminate disagreement and conflict.They are supposed to manage them in a productive manner. The Americans take pride justifiably in their world`s longest surviving democratic constitution. However, a candid assessment of their political history has recognized a series of democratic failuresthat are related to the deeply embedded patterns of disagreement and conflicts.This fact can be supported by the existence of the American bloodiest civil war.This particular war was motivated by the internally disintegrated conseque...
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