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Most nineteenth century social thinkers assumed that secularization was an irrestible tide that would eventually sweep away all religous activity. Modern sociologists are far less likely to expect religion to fade away. Can you envision a society without religion? explain. consider applying the three theoretical perspectives in your analysis. (Essay Sample)

The sociology book used in my sociolgy class is sociology for university of houston-pearson custom sociology, 2010. (You don't have to use it). The three theoretical perspectives: structural/social fuctionalism, social concflict, and symbolic interaction. Due date for the essay is november 30, 3pm. (The essay will be submitted to source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Most Nineteenth Century Social Thinkers Society has at most times been dynamic and change has been inevitable, most nineteenth century social thinkers assumed that secularization was an irresistible tide that would eventually sweep away all religious activity. However society has remained adamant and clang to religion for different reasons; in view of this fact modern sociologists are far less likely to expect religion to fade away. This paper takes a look at a society without religion and the implication it has on the social structure, functions, and norms. It explains this idea using three social theories which are structural/social functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction that have been developed to study changes in society. Religion has been part of society for a long time and the ideas have been passed from generation to generation (Sanderson, p.34). Most norms, traditions, institutions and customs remain extinct due to social changes but religion has remained a part of society. Secularization has not been able to change religion in view of the fact that it controls a sensitive part in society if changed then the society itself can be extinct. Religion fulfills a crucial part in the society in that it generally controls the morals and ethics in society; it has been used time and again to quell disputes and control conflicting groups in society. With this concept in mind then eliminating religion would lead to numerous social evils, and consequently lead to conflicts (Sanderson, p.39). Such a scenario is sensitive to society in that the structural functions will collapse and thus the society follow suit. Without religion the ethics and morals of humanity will be difficult to implement, religion ensures that persons remain manipulated by the fear of the Supreme Being where they are obligated to do the right thing at al times. For those who practice it obedience, trust, fairness, and gratitude are virtues they cannot dare leave aside (Kurtz, para.3). This creates a society with focus and direction that can be controlled and manipulated by the ruling class as considered in the social conflict theory. Secularization in its quest to eliminate religion has brought a new world order where a person does what is right at heart and not as told. It has led to numerous st...
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