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Assignment regarding critical thinking (Essay Sample)

This is strictly a hypothetical problem. Even if the assumptions of the problem don\'t seem possible, answer the question as if the assumptions were true. -You are part of a futuristic couple planning a family -You go to the futuristic Doctor who uses advanced methods to tell you that ◦You are going to have DZ twins ■One is going to have MR (mental retardation) ■The other is going to be of “normal” intelligence -Dr. X discovers the intelligence gene and can alter intelligence prenatally ◦He has the ability to give \"normal\" intelligence to the child with MR ◦He has the ability to give above average intelligence to the \"normal\" child ◦There is no risk or cost associated with the procedure -Do you opt to alter the twin with MR, the normal one, both, or neither? Why? ◦Your answer should not address potential risks or costs... assume that there are none.When the procedure is complete the only thing that will be altered is intelligence. ◦Your response should be two or three paragraphs, each consisting of no less than four sentences. source..
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Assignment regarding critical thinking
If a futuristic doctor makes use of advanced methods to discover that I will have twins, whereby one will have mental retardation and the other will have normal intelligence, and there is the possibility of changing their intelligence prenatally, I would opt to change the intelligence level held by the mentally retarded child. Mental retardation in this case implies that the child would lack normal development concerning intellectual capacities. The reasons as to why I would opt to change mentally retarded child`s intelligence are to do away with the various problems which are associated with mental retardation. These include the following. For instance, individuals who experience mental retardation problems ...
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