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MGG 303 Oprah Winfrey Communicator Assignment Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose a leader of an organization that you admire. Comment upon the performance of this leader as a communicator. What makes him or her effective? Consider the style of the speaker and methods of delivery, along with other special characteristics exhibited that make you want to emulate their communication style.
Also, create a biography of this person. Include this person’s history, any obstacles that he or she might have overcome, and how they came to be successful in their field. Focus especially on what has led to their interpersonal/communicative abilities.
2-3 pages
Do not “recycle” work that was previously submitted for this course by someone else, as doing so constitutes plagiarism.


Course: MGG 303:  Fall 2018
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Gail Winfrey is a great actress, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and communicator is the CEO of Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is a shareholder in the company through her holding company, Harpo Studios Inc. OWN is largely centered on Oprah’s character and personality. Oprah has been credited to be a great communicator who has helped her build her business empire. There are two things which have made her a great communicator; listening and the ability to have a connection with her audience.
Oprah is a great listener. She believes that great communication starts with listening. First, by listening she can offer undivided attention to the speaker and understand what he/she/they have to say. Where she has not understood, she will not pretend to understand. Instead, she will ask for clarification. When you are a great listener, the other party is compelled to listen to what you also have to say. Secondly, a great listener also responds appropriately to what the other party says/has said and hence make a meaningful conversation.

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