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Women's Rights Are Human Rights Response Paper (Essay Sample)


To explore famous speeches of the 20th century and compose a written response that discusses what inspirational qualities the speech you selected possesses. In other words, what sets this speech apart or makes it “special”. You should review the speeches from the website below and select ONE speech to base your response on. Your response should make SPECIFIC references to that speech.
• Your response should be between 500-750 words
• Your response should be typed in a Word document (1” margins, 12pt font, Arial or Times New Roman font)


Women's rights are Human Rights Response Paper
The speech “Women's Rights are Human Rights” was delivered by Hillary Rodham Clinton in the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session in 1995. It has a formal tone that greatly advocates women's rights. Yet the speech seems to be one silent battle cry that whoever listens would have stood up and march for women's rights. This speech given in 1995 is a factual representation of the women's worldwide struggles and yet 23 years after, the same struggles are still happening around the world.
Women's voices are constantly suppressed despite being equally a major part of society. I am not sure who created the notion that men are above women or how our society became too male chauvinist but I definitely agree with every word that Clinton has spoken in this speech. Indeed, it is about time that the world should again lend their ears and listen to the needs of women. She is correct to say that women are a great part of a family's emotional support, labor in the home and even the source of financial support to raise healthy children and take care of the elderly yet the age-old questions that follow are still not being answered. Why do women's voices still not heard? Why do the rights of women still not widely recognized? Why do women have to constantly struggle

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