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Is The Sedition Act An Infringement To The Freedom Of Speech? (Essay Sample)


The uploaded two documents the last part in “syllabus” has the special requirement. The other one is primary source (the main of this homework has to be solved by analyzing)its about Indictment of Matthew Lyon - Sedition Act. Please find other two sources to use in here,either primary or secondary source. Two and a half page is enough.
The requirement is the same as the last one. And the teacher will use Turn it in.


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Is the Sedition Act An Infringement To The Freedom of Speech?
A lot is known about the sedition act the good as well as the negatives. The law was virgin in the unites states of America until the indictment of the Mathew Lyon in 5th of October the year 1798 in the US circuit court for the district of Vermont. The legislation comes with much confusion, but the main issues that remain in the minds of most stakeholders are, whether the sedition act is an infringement of the freedom of speech. After reviewing the literature and expert knowledge, I firmly stand for the view that the legislation has little about danger for the freedom of speech. Much of the law is primarily meant to protect the space of the government for the interest of the people (Tsesis, Pg. 1017).
According to Zarr (Pg.296), the execution should look into ways of building the power effort to enhance comfort, accommodation, and happiness of the people. This would mean bending some laws like the seditious act. Unfortunately, this is a common argument by a certain sect of scholars. My thought would be a little bit of a diversion from this. While arguing on the matters concerning the governance of the broader interests of the society, it is vital to concentrate on the pillars that influence the majority. Similarly in such cases the peace and harmony of the general public. Thus this forms the underpinning for delving into a different opinion.
According to Ragsdale and Federal Judicial Center (Pg. 55) the words and sentiment

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