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Research And Discussing A Wide Range Of Video Games (Essay Sample)


This is a good introductory text to game criticism discussing a wide range of games. Read the text and write: What is being a game critic? Do we need a game critic like him reading a sociocultural context in videogames? And briefly tell your thoughts on his analysis in this text. (500 – 650 word)


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Video Games
A game critic is an individual who judges the value or the quality of a video game. Most people think that a video game is only made to entertain people. However, a game critic will argue out that a video game is made to entertain people as well as evoking certain emotions based on the role of the characters contained in the game. As opposed to reviewers, a critic has two sides of view regarding a video game. One of the sides is the operational view which is based on the manner in which the game is played. The other side is an expressive one, that aims to analyze the game as more than just an entertainment tool, but also a tool that has different purposes among people of different cultural contexts. A game critic seeks to answer the question "why" something appears the way it is and whether there is a deeper meaning to it. Being a game critic requires the person to be open-minded because it can be termed as the hardest thing to do. Every answer to their question seems to bring out another question, hence creating a series of questions that are difficult to answer. A successful critic requires sufficient information regarding the item being criticized in order to be able to present their findings chronologically.

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