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Video Games Can Enhance Our Brain Function And Promote Different Skills (Essay Sample)


You will use the attached essay outline(I will put the planning sheets in the attached file, )to formulate a plan for the essay. You must finish the planning sheets first(type in a file), then finish the final copy. You must also include resources, which must be academically reputable resources.


Video games can enhance our brain function and promote different skills
Like other modern technological inventions, video games have affected people in different ways; it is estimated that more than 150 million people spend several hours playing video games. Because of its popularity, everyone has a different opinion about the effects of video games. Articles focus on the negative effects with little emphasis on the positive effects of video games.
Traditionally, video games are used for entertainment, but with advanced technology, video game contents have changed, causing mixed outcomes. Many people focus on the violent nature of video games with parents feeling that some video games promote violence (Bavelier 26). Even though parents associate video games with violent behavior, research studies have proven that video games can enhance our brain function and also promote different skills.
Research studies prove that video games can enhance our brain function, playing action games like the Rainbow Six video game series requires players to make quick choices of either using explosive devices, ropes from the rooftop or make a surprise direct attack. Players need to coordinate with the brain in a way that it will generate appropriate reactions, causing movement of the hands and fingertips (Bavelier 28). Playing this game can improve several brain functions; the brain region involved in attention becomes more efficient among those who play this game (Oliver 378).
Several studies show that video games alter how our brain functions. The brain regions involved in attention becomes more efficient among those who play video games because of the intense reaction required. When playing, the cerebral function interacts with the cerebella muscle memory to improve the cognitive function and the brain performance that is why people who play video games are more alert. This proves how video games can positively impact on people since it improves our cognitive function (Oliver 377).
Playing video games enhance different skills, the intense action found in most video games helps gamers make quick decisions; Monkey race is an example of one of the game series of super monkey ball games where four players race simultaneously in six courses that are further divided into three levels (Bavelier 22). The steeri

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