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Cell Phone, Computer, and Video Game Usage in Relation to its effects on Teen to Parent/Peer Relationahips (Research Paper Sample)


Challenged and changed: Research lab report
There are four tasks in this Assessment of Learning.
Task 1: Selecting a research topic and formulating a research question
For this Assessment of Learning, you will be creating a research lab report. As part of your first task, you will need to select a research topic and formulate a research question that your research project will answer. Your research project should be about some facet of society, group of individuals, or social change. You cannot use any of the research topics or questions previously covered in this unit. You must use an original and new research topic, and formulate your own question. The research topic that you choose should be something that you are interested in and something you will be able to find research on.
Task 2: Writing your introduction
After you have selected a research topic and formulated a research question, you will write the introduction of your report. This task will include explaining your research topic, presenting the secondary research you have gathered, and stating your hypothesis.
Here are some hints to help you achieve this task:
You should write the introduction as if it were intended for a reader who knew nothing about your topic. The introduction will be one of the longer sections of your report: It will be one to two pages of double-spaced text. It should be 400 words maximum.
Any previously published material with important information about your research topic would be useful for your introduction. It doesn't matter whether it supports your hypothesis or not. It is just meant to help the reader understand what has already been written on the topic.
When you perform secondary research, you should look for scholarly articles using databases (Google Scholar, for example). You will need to find three to five scholarly sources pertaining to your research topic.
Remember that you must interpret the information you find using your own words and cite using APA style for the sources you use. This applies to direct quotations, but also anytime you paraphrase someone else's work. Refer back to the first topic of this lesson if you need to review the APA style.
Be sure to include your hypothesis in the introduction. Your hypothesis should answer your formal research question in the form of statement of opinion. Do not use personal pronouns when formulating your hypothesis.
Task 3: Applying the inquiry model to your research topic
You are then going to conduct your research by applying the inquiry model. This will include accomplishing the following steps:
Selecting a research method
Gathering the data
Analyzing the data
Drawing conclusions
Here are some hints to help you achieve this task:
Determine which research method you are going to use to gather data. Why did you choose this research method? Why is it the "best fit" for your research problem and question?
You will have to actually gather real data.
Be sure to describe how you are going to analyze your data and explain your rationale.
Did the data you collected support your hypothesis or not? Restate your hypothesis and comment on whether it was upheld or not.
Task 4: Write and submit a lab report for your research project
The final task of this Assessment of Learning is to gather all the information and results from your research, and write your lab report. Here is a reminder of all the sections that must appear in your report:


Cell Phone, Computer, and Video Game Usage in Relation to its effects on Teen to Parent/Peer Relationahips
Adolescents are the majority users of modern technology, most of them spent a significant amount of time on home computers, or cell phones while others play video games, limiting their social interaction. Adolescents spend a lot of time on electronics, detaching them from their parents. Even though a good parent-teen relationship is crucial for adolescents, there has been minimal research on the effects of technology on the parent-teen relationship. Electronic communication is known to have negative effects on teen relationship with their parents.
The study will examine the use of technology, namely computers, cell phones and video games and their impact on adolescent' relationship with their parents. The study aims at understanding if it is possible for devices like cell phones, video games and computers can positively influence parent-teen relationship.
Modern technology has undeniable benefits when it comes to communication; cell phones have replaced face to face interaction. Face to face communication is on the decline as people are increasingly connected using cell phones, computers or simply interact through video games (Richards et al., 2010). Adolescents are the major consumers of modern technology; adolescents frequently use instant text messaging, social networking site and another form of modern technology(Richards et al., 2010).
Young people prefer spending most of their time using electronic devices, they use cell phones or computers to stay in touch with their friends and family members, this explains why they extensively use electronic communication (Lenhart et al., A., 2010). Research studies have focused on specific forms of communication, especially cell phones describing only the negative health effects. Limited studies have analyzed how modern technology, especially video games, computers and cell phones can affect the relationship between teens and their parents.
With advanced communication, parents are becoming excluded from their teenagers as they adopt new forms of social networks (Goodman-Deane et al., 2016). Limited studies have examined the use of technology among adolescents and their relationship with their parents despite the fact that parents need to be closer to their teens to help them develop healthy relationships. (Best, Manktelow & Taylor, 2014). There is limited research publication on teen –parent relationships and the effects of technology, that is why there is a need to explore this issue.
The study will focus on specific technological devices, including cell phones, video games, and computers. The study hypothesizes that the duration of use of modern technology like a cell, phones, computer and video games can affect adolescent's closeness with parents.
The study sample included high school students from one urban school in New York, a total of 64 students were selected with 26 females and 38 males. I collected data for my survey targeting teenagers ranging from 14 to 19 years, those above or below the age range were excluded. Participation was voluntary, but the consent to participate in the study was obtained from the school administration on behalf of the students and students also consented verbally.
Participants receive questionnaires; they were expected to fill them out and hand them over to the study coordinators. The sets of questions answered by the selected participants provided a better perspective on the effects of modern technology, regarding their relationship with their parents.
Before filling out the quest...

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