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Anti Bullying: A Bullying Experience as a Victim (Essay Sample)


The essay should explain how you overcame a bullying experience as a victim, bystander or former bully. Share the changes you would like to see to prevent bullying.


Bullying is a common phenomenon among school kids, which affect them negatively in their social and academic life, and may affect them even as adults. According to National Bullying Prevention Center, in every five kids, more than one of them experiences bullying.
One of the main forms of bullying is social bullying, which involves leaving someone out or convincing others not to be friends with a given person (Cassel, Terzian, & Bradshaw, 2013). In the neighborhood where I grew up, we used to have a common playground where all kids would gather up and play different games. There was a group of popular kids who decided which games to play and who would participate in those games. There happened to be one kid who was overweight and was always left out of those games. The popular kids would sometimes tell the overweight kid not to participate in the games and would also leave out anyone who tried to befriend the overweight kid.
As a bystander, I always felt sorry for her and I would at times quit playing to spend time with her. This was not solving the problem and one day I decided to inform the parent of one of the popular kids, who also happened to be a community leader. After some observation, the parent agreed with the rest of the community that we would always have adult supervision during play time and the bullying stopped.
To prevent bullying, kids should be informed on what constitutes bullying because in some cases, they are not aware that their actions can be termed as bullying. In addition, parents should stay in touch with their kids and always encourage them about what they are experiencing(, 2017). This will ensure that parents are aware when their kids are being bullied and take necessary action.
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 2057 Cassel, V. S., ...
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