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The Underground Railroad Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The underground railroad presents an unflinching look at the horrors of slavery. But as a work of fiction, the novel does not have to stay true to what actually happened; the author is able to change or even create new events and people to tell the story he imagines or create the effect he wants. In your essay, analyze how Colson Whitehead's fictional account of the Underground Railroad relates to the real history. How does the novel deepen, clarify, or disrupt what you have learned about the atrocity of humans trafficked to this country and treated as property? What possibilities are introduced when artists take as their subject real people and events?
In your response, consider the railroad that Whitehead presents as a real construction; in addition, refer to two or three specific episodes in the novel that affected you in the ways that they dramatized history. Be sure to analyze and not summarize, or simply re-tell the story, in your essay. Support your thesis with specific evidence from the book, no other sources.


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The Underground Railroad
The “Underground Railroad” is a fictional novel published by Colson Whitehead, an American author. He depicts the insecure interconnection of white and black campaigners who were helping slaves escape to freedom many years before the Civil War. Whitehead turns the Underground Railroad from a metaphor (figure of speech) (The metaphor here is a symbol of the escape route. There was no actual train just a route so the word metaphor is used) than actual train that transports fugitives to freedom to the North. The book depicts a very compelling experience that gives the reader an overwhelming and distressing perception into the horrific human costs of slavery.

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