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Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech: “I Have a Dream” (Coursework Sample)


Analyze Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech: “I have a dream”
Then, watch the speech on Youtube.
Complete homework as listed in the attachment: MLK Speech transcript and questions.


Rhetorical Analysis
Rhetorical Analysis
Who is the intended audience? Who is the secondary audience? What impact does broadcasting MLK's speech on live TV have on the audience? Do you think the speech had a different impact on those who heard it on the radio? Explain.
King's intended audience is everyone and anyone who is directly affected by racial inequality in the US. The secondary audience, on the other hand, is anyone who is not directly affected by racial inequality in the US but sees the evil in the society and stands for justice.
Broadcasting MLK's speech on live TV increases the significance and urgency of the matter on the audience. It makes it more current and one that needs an immediate reaction.
The speech did have a different impact on the people who heard it on radio. While they did get the chance to hear him and even relate to what he was saying, they could not see him and his gestures and physical movement also greatly mattered. His mannerisms did indeed help to communicate and further emphasize the urgency of the issue.
Describe MLK's appearance and mannerisms (ethos).
MLK appeared ready. He never flinched and did not show any weakness while offering the speech. From the crowd's standpoint, he meant what he said and looked overwhelmingly adamant and determined to see to it that everything he believes in comes to pass.
Why is this the right moment and right place for this speech?
MLK and the organizers of the march sought for equality with regards to jobs and freedom in the US. The moment and place were right because they were close to the lawmakers who were discussing the civil rights bill at the time. The march's main goal was to lobby for the passage of the civil rights bill which would help change the situatio

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