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Pollution cause and effect (Essay Sample)

this essay is a cause and effect paper. the effect is pollution and it has to have more then 2 causes. (health, globalwarmming, plants, ect.) you can have more then 3 sources. source..
Causes and effects of pollution
Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes change in aptitude in the environment biodiversity which can occur either through natural pollutants, foreign chemical substance or undesirable energies which can take the effect form in a linear manner whereby damage increases proportionally with pollution increase or in a threshold effect whereby damage can be repaired or normalized before a certain threshold of pollution concentration is achieved.
Industrial revolution is major factor brought about the alarming conditions of environmental pollution as known in present day. The extremes helped increase consciousness in the concerned institutions to address the issue of pollution as a major disastrous cause of fatal and destructive factor to the human living and the ecosystem as a whole in interrelation interaction (Batty, 77).
The different types of pollution are; Air, Land and water. These types have different forms of pollution in certain levels, for example air pollution has light pollution which includes light interference and over illumination and astronomical interference; noise pollution which encompasses light intensity noise from industries and roadway; visual pollution which include overhead power lines, billboards and some scared landforms.
Moreover, land pollution such as littering of untreated human wastes, inappropriate human made objects among others and soil pollution while water pollution has forms as thermal pollution regarding use of water as a coolant in power plant; radioactive contamination due to manufacture and deployment of fatal nuclear emitted to the environment.
The major causes of pollution can be categorized according to the different types of pollution outlining and explaining it in details.
Air pollution
Air pollution is brought about by emission of greenhouse which brings about global warming. The causes includes carbon dioxide from industrial exhaust gases after using fossil fuels, methane gas produced by decaying organic matter, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons used in refrigerators and spray cans. This emission to the air brings about its contamination and brings about depletion of ozone layer, filling the air with imbalanced global radiations which are fatal and brings about great effect.
Another cause is combustion, construction, mining activities brings about the production of pollutants to the air of non-biodegradable fumes which pollute the balance of the air available.
Agriculture activities which comes from basic practices which includes clear felling, burning of natural vegetation as well as spraying of insecticides and pesticides which are chemicals made from highly toxic and poisonous chemical elements and if volatile to the air can alter its composition and thus air pollution.
The uncompromised heavy noises from industries which are main sources of production...
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