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Paraphrase 4 (Essay Sample)

*********** WRITER PETER ONLY *********** I'd like to paraphrase (paraphrase each word) whole the document which in the attachment above ( 750 words ) Tomorrow * please keep it as the document style and structure above (as points not as paragraphs) source..
- Reduction of pollution that emanates from processes of maintenance.
- Limitation of maintenance activities’ waste amount and its impacts.
- Damage limitation to the environment.
Chemical keeping and release.
Prevention of accidents occurring as a result of these activities.
- Electronic equipment Provision in the warhorse for security.
- Notification of shipment for safety information before send.
- Ensuring shipment’s security cam and personnel deployment for safety.
- Traders or suppliers Provision with necessary shipment information.
- The material and quantity Inspection for safety during transportation.
- Maintenance
- Generation of pollution (noise and air pollution).
- Due to maintenance works that may risk animals’ life.
- Leakages and spillage due handling of chemicals.
- Fuel utilization by natural resources.
- The ruin to the natural environment around places of work.
- Generation of pollution (noise and air pollution).
- The ships: hazardous waste that is emitted causes environmental pollution.

- Impacts to the vicinity caused by waste material and other ship’s port activities.
- Pollution of water resource as a result of increased moving ships.
- The shipment theft.
- The shipment damaging by natural resources.
2.6 Objectives
In the work area of the airport the laborers working conditions are not affected due pollutants.
Guarantee a waste free and clean work field and its surroundings.
Make sure that the environment has not harmed by the process of maintenance.
Use again the unwanted chemicals
Avoid accidents originating from maintenance that can harm life or assets
Help the staff in their job by using of appropriate electronic devices.
7. Before shipment, production and general safety guidelines should be issued for the labors safety.
Ensure safe arrival of the shipment to the customer.
To create the trust between the company and their customer by knowing what and when the customer will get his/her shipment
Checking and inspection of contents of the shipment i.e. amount and type, to ensure safety of the equipment shipping.
Manage and reduce the pollution ensuing due work place activities.
Ensure waste disposal is done regularly and...
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