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Geography Project: Earth (Essay Sample)

i'll attach the Requirements for this Project source..
Topic: Spheres.Chapter: 1 Introduction to Earth.Page: 7Date: November, 7, 2010location: Woodbridge lake, Irvine.Description: Picture includes the four spheres: Biosphere, Atmosphere, Lithosphere and HydrosphereAnalysis:
The earth is made up of four different spheres that interact with each other. They are the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere.
The lithosphere is made up of the rocks on the earth crust and the minerals present in them. The continental plates are part of the lithosphere and keep on moving in different directions.
The hydrosphere is the surface of the earth covered by the water bodies. It occupies 70% of the earth surface and the oceans and seas constitute its largest part.
The part of the earth where life is sustained is called the biosphere. It includes the upper part of the water bodies where life is possible. The various ecosystems like grassland, forest, desert, water etc constitutes the biosphere.
The atmosphere is the air content in the earth space. This is made up of various gases with different concentrations. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas, followed by oxygen and the rest are in trace amount.Topic: Air pollutionChapter: 3, Introduction to the AtmospherePage: 59Date: November 16, 2010location: Around Irvine Valley CollegeDescription: Air pollution cause by cars exhaustsAnalysis:
Air pollution is one of the most common forms of pollution that causes health hazards to human and other living organisms. The pollution may be from vehicles, industrial exhaust or domestic use of fossil fuels. Respiratory and cardio pulmonary disorders usually result from this kind of pollution.
The increase in the use of cars has led to increased air pollution. The fuel used by the cars contains hydrocarbons that are not completely combustible thus emit oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur that cause air pollution. Ozone is also produced by cars and unlike the atmospheric ozone that prevents against uv radiation, this ozone cause global warming. These effects can be decreased by use of clean fuels such as methane designing vehicles with better combustion systemTopic: ReflectionChapter: 4, Insolation and TemperaturePage: 73Date: October 22, 2010Location: Laguna Niguel.Description: A lake view showing the reflection of the sky and the hillsAnalysis:Reflection refers to the ability of an object to repel electromagnetic waves without altering either the object or the wave. Reflection is more in light colored objects, snow and ice whereas dark colored objects absorb the sun rays and are poor reflectors. The amount of the sun rays reflected back depends on the cloud cover and particles present in the environment. It occurs via electromagnetic waves and also visible light. It occurs in water due to the difference in refractive index. The angle of incidence greatly determines how much light is reflected. The water reflects sunlight in different directions. Water is a good transmitter as it allows electromagnetic ...
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