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Article research (Essay Sample)

I'm required to make an article research report for 5 articles exactly. Then make a summary, reaction, and credibility statements for all five articles. and finally Summarize all five articles into a single PowerPoint presentation. The report is already been taken care of. I will upload all 5 articles into 1 single word doc file. I will just need the summary, reaction, and credibility of them + powerpoint presentation that summarize them all. additional files will be uploaded as well to help the writer better understand my research project. source..
Article 1
The advantages of pursuing an online business management system according to the article are numerous. It boasts on how accessible the system is, as transactions are processed through the internet. With the online business management system, each client is connected to a database server of the business management data which holds all the “business management codes, business management form formats, and business management data processing systems” (Nabelin Co. Ltd Files Patent Application for Online Business Management System) that is used by the client. The order procedures for each client are based on the client internal business management codes; according to the client’s internal business management processing systems and form formats. These are exactly the same procedures used when using in-house business management system, with the added benefit of greater accessibility.
The prospects presented are very interesting, being able to take businesses and investors to a much larger market with online business management. I also like how this takes the old systems that clients are used to using in evolving it to fit the demands of the modern world by allowing the client to use the same procedures as the in-house management system. The article is quite rather wordy, although considering the complexity of the business management concepts; I think that the author made it as easy to understand as possible.
The article is very detailed in giving the place, dates and names of those involved in the Patent application “New Delhi, March 19 -- Japan based Nabelin Co. Ltd filed patent application for online business management system. The inventor is Shima Hiroyuki” (Nabelin Co. Ltd Files Patent Application for Online Business Management System) making it seem like a credible source. However, the article is very one sided and quite vague in the point that it tries to make. For one thing, the article discusses the benefits of switching to an online business management system, underlining the main reason being its similarity in procedure to the in-house business management system. There is no discussion on the disadvantages of the online business management system making it less credible as an article.
Article 2
According to the article, small businesses have largely benefitted the economy and employment of the state of Texas. Small businesses are seen as “a catalysit for economic growth” (Small Businesses Are Key to Texas's Well-Being) and are largely supported by the office of Advocacy. The success of these can be seen in the increase of Texas’s gross state product and the decrease of private sector employment; which was compared to the whole of the United States, who also experienced an increase in GDP and a decrease in private sector employment. Thus, not only has business ownership become more inclusive in Texas, women and minority business ownership has escalated as well. Signs of...
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