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The Impact of Environmental Quality on Society health (Essay Sample)

On the final day of his visit, your opinionated brother-in-law from the U.K., Larry, asks, "What's this doohickey you got on your water faucet?" You answer, "It's a filter, because I'm not too confident about the water processing in this town." "Now that's just silly!" he concludes. "When I was a kid I drank straight from the creek in our back yard, and look how good I turned out!" For the Module 5 SLP, your task is to add a 2-3 page section to your letter to Larry, explaining the importance of environmental quality to a healthy society. In your response, please address the following questions specifically: (a) Can we have a polluted environment and a healthy society at the same time? Why or why not? (b) If you could make policy, what would be the first step that you would take to address environmental health? (c) Conclude your letter to Larry by summing up the main points you made in the five components of this SLP project. Thank him for sharing his "interesting" views on these issues. source..
Running Head: The Impact of Environmental Quality on Society health
The environment is the supporting pillar for everything that exists. The distribution of good environmental conditions that are free from pollution and those that are polluted differ among the social groups. The pollution range from air, water, soil, and noise pollution. The low economic classes are more exposed to poor environmental conditions compared to people of high economic standards. Poor quality environment affects the health of the society negatively by increasing diseases, impairment and decreasing the life span
A polluted environment and healthy society can never go hand in hand. The pollution may be within a short period of time like radioactive molecules due to bombing or it may be cumulative producing adverse effects after a long period of time. Air pollution results in several respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis etc (Marc 2001). It is also responsible for some heart related diseases. Since the respiratory rates of children are higher than for adults, children are more prone to air pollutants. Acute sicknesses associated with air pollution are more easily identified as compared to chronic sicknesses. They lead to economic losses in terms of money spent in hospitals.
Water pollution also affects the human health. The effects can be acute or chronic. The disposal of heavy metals in water bodies affect organisms such as shellfish which are used as human food resulting in the metals finding their way in human bodies. Industrial wastes disposed in rivers can also find their way in human body through the food chain thus causing reproductive disorders and reducing the immunity. Sewage di...
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