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Informed Opinion Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


According to the instruction sheet attached in the additional file, please write an 500-word informed opinion essay. My choice for the film is Straight Outta Compton, the subject related this film that I want to focus on is Freedom of Speech. You don't need to watch the film, the professor wants us to write this essay based on the subject instead of film. During the class, we have discussed the subject already, in this essay, I want to write about freedom of speech in China, people can't really represent what their opinion in public(something maybe sensitive such as political issues), I want to focus on how the free speech discover the disadvantage of the country that based on communism.
On the sheet, firstly you will come up with a critical question that is related with the topic(freedom of speech); secondly, researches, the sheet indicates 3 sources, but professor wants 4 (1 historical source, 3 opinion sources), you can find the sources that agree/disagree with your opinion and then evaluate them. Like how this source support your opinion/ doesn't support but write a your thoughts about it; thirdly, the conclusion, for this one just follow the sheet.
This essay does not talk about the movie, it talks about the subject (freedom of speech).
I'm trying to make myself clear, if you have any question please contact me through the website and I will explain it to you.
below is the explicit and implicit components that the instruction sheet mentioned:
Explicit Components
• identify and express the issue and/or problem as a critical question; express using
correct language
• identify two to three supporting pieces of evidence from the film
• identify the conclusion the director makes
Please identify and comment on one (or more) Implicit Component that you can find.
Implicit Components
• Bias
• Assumption
• Implication
• Language


Informed opinion essay: freedom of speech
One of the instances where China has infringed on the freedom of speech is the constant silencing of dissenting voices in the Tibet autonomous region, region to the extent on jailing Tibetan leaders and limiting access to independent sources f information to the people. I would briefly highlight extent to which China limits the freedom of speech and expression?”. Governments reinforce censorship to maintain tight control over access to information, and this leads to more attacks on the freedom of speech and expression. Hong Kong and Taiwan independence are thorny issues in China and the Chinese have undermined the independence of the two including limiting freedom of speech and a free press.

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