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Gun Control in America. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Essay #3 focuses on argumentative topics that are about ethical issues. In 2018, I believe there are a number of ethic issues facing each of us each day.
Please select one ethical issue that is important to you and tell me why you think it is important.
You should write at least one paragraph and present one opinion or fact from the opposite side of your issue.
For example:
I do not like guns and think the US should ban guns completely. While many in the US believe in their rights to have guns, society has demonstrated that the public is still not responsible enough to control their guns.
( that's the topic that is mainly about)


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Gun Control in America
The United States has long suffered from consequences of lenient gun laws. The 2nd amendment allowed Americans to carry firearms openly, and it was believed that weapons could protect people from uncertain situations. Today, a large number of Americans can be seen carrying weapons in their pockets, and they consider it their fundamental right. Should guns be banned in the United States? Cannot there be other ways to save human lives rather than allowing people to carry weapons here and there? How could this guarantee a peaceful place to live in? It should be noticed that the costs of gun violence (medically and fatally) in the United States have raised up to $200 billion in recent years. Considering weapons an effective and most powerful way of protection is entirely wrong, and the government of America should ban guns permanently (Gius 2017).

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