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Research Position Paper on Enactment of Gun Control. (Research Paper Sample)


Please use MLA and the instructions I'll upload. This is supposed to be a from the ongoing issue --Enactment of Gun Control. This is now the Research Position paper.


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Research Position Paper on Enactment of Gun Control.
In the recent past, studies indicate that 200 million firearms are in the hands of Americans (, 1). Approximately 640,000 cases of violent crimes that include 16,000 murders are committed in the US with the help of guns. The bottom-line in this is the endless debate on lawful gun possession as compared to the increased gun-related crimes in the US (, 1). There have been reports of a series of mass shootings across the United States of America recently. Most of the homicides are not as salient as the mass shooting and yet little is being done about it by the concerned policymakers. The biggest question is whether new legislation on mass shootings should be effected or not. It is therefore worth noting that, the leading cause of deaths in the American society is not mass shooting instead there is need to identify these other gun-related murders that have taken center stage, in a bid to reduce gun violence (, 1). In this paper, we explore the impact of gun-related violence about the gun policy in the US by combining the available data on the gun-related deaths and further investigate the extent of government involvement in checking the vice as reflected in the governing policies for the last twenty-five years, based on the Second Amendment. The paper intends to indicate the reasons as to why the laws on gun control should be effected forthwith.

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