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Annotatated bibliography. Gun Control Laws should be enacted (Research Paper Sample)


Your annotation for each source should consist of two paragraph. In the first, answer the following questions:
1. what kind of source is it eg a book, journal article, magazine article, newspaper article, encyclopedia,database summary, websites etc.
2. What is the genre of the piece eg news report, an editorial, a report of scientific research, a summary of a number of sources? What is the purpose of the text?
3. Whos is /are the author/authors? What are the authors' credentials? How does that author establish his or her authority to speak on this subject? Also consider the credibility of the publication venue.
4. Who is the intended audience? Consider where the text is published, the degree of specialized knowledge needed to understand the text and how objective or agurmentative the text is.
5. When was the text published? How does the publication date affect the relevance and usefulness of the so


Professor’s Name:
Gun Control Laws should be enacted
Monte, Frank. We Need Lawmakers to Enact the People’s will on Gun Control. The Guardian, September 11, 2013. Accessed June 14, 2018.
The news article titled We Need Lawmakers to Enact the People’s will on Gun Control was published on September 13th, 2013 by Monte Frank a commercial litigation and municipal attorney in Connecticut. He also doubles as a legal advisor to the Newton Alliance campaign for greater gun control. The article’s intended audience are the lawmakers whom Frank implores to enact the people’s will on the gun control issue.

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