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Debate of Anti-Terrorism Policy (Essay Sample)

Hello, thank you for writing my paper. This is a major writing assignment from my professor. I will upload all of the instruction and useful links on the additional file , also I choose debate 16 which is 16. CRIMINAL JUSTICE POLICY THE DEATH PENALTY: FATALLY FLAWED OR DEFENSIBLE? Please follow the instruction carefully and notice that I am a international student, dont use too many advanced word, please keep the essay simple and easy to understand. if you have any question, please sent me a message. source..

Debate of Anti-Terrorism Policy
Recently, a debate about President Barack Obama`s Anti-Terrorism Policy emerged. Former Vice-President of the United States, Richard Cheney, argues against the Anti-Terrorism policies made by the present President of the United States, Barack Obama (Rourke, 2). The position of this paper will be with President Obama`s side of the policy. The Anti-Terrorism policies of the Bush administration stripped the rights given to the citizens from the constitution itself. The values upheld by the pioneers of the United States and that composed the Constitution of the country were ignored by the policies made for the investigation of the terrorists. Many think that there are many other alternative policies rather than what the Bush administration did. This paper will be a critic of the debate of President Barack Obama and former Vice-President Richard Cheney as presented in the book You Decide! 2010 edition by John Rourke.
The Debate
The article has two speeches from both sides of the debate. The first speech comes from Richard Cheney. His position is that President Obama`s actions lead to endangering America (Rourke, 4). While President Obama claims that the constitution must be maintained, or the very fundamentals of the country will be forgotten. They both point out a valid point of view. But President Obama`s position is more important than that of Cheney.
The American Constitution made America what it is today. It conquered many wars, and many believe that it can also conquer the war against terror. The gentle yet powerful American Constitution coursed through many wars and won them. The previous wars are far different from the war on terror, but still, terrorists are extremists, just like any other enemy in a war. By studying President Obama`s position, what power does the constitution have against the enemy?
What power can they use to fight an enemy who uses terror as a weapon?
The President`s Position
In President Barack Obama`s speech, he started by mentioning the crises and progress that the United States had recently (Rourke, 13). One of the most important issues is America`s safety. But in the first part of the speech, the President debated on his decision in closing Guantanamo Bay. This is a response to the criticism of his campaign in closing Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and transferring the suspected terrorists to mainland America`s prisons. The speech was also a response to his decision of upholding the constitution, meaning, removing cruel interrogation methods and warrantless inspection and the like, amidst the achievements that the Post-9/11 policy of the Bush administration made for the safety of the American citizens. He argues that, however effective the policy may be, it still undermines the rule of law same as what Meliá concluded in his article for the journal The New Criminal Law Review of winter 2011. He also mentioned that the very fundamental...
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