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a recommendation report (Essay Sample)

Write a recommendation report for the research project proposed in my proposal. My proposal: City of Progressive Memo: Date: 5/1/2011 To: Mayor Donegal From: Intern Subject: Proposal for Feasibility Study on construction of Community Garden at Mansford Park. Purpose: - To request the authorization and funding to study the feasibility of developing a community garden for the residents of the City of Progressive. - To analyze whether to create a community garden in the City of Progressive; to deal with the research programme. Goals: - Providing a project for strengthening relationships in the community. - Providing a community area for seniors to grow their own vegetables, fruit and chemical-free foods. - Providing a community area for children to get closer to the nature. Introduction: A community garden can be many different things, it can give residents something to do with their time that provides physical activity and lowers crime. However, the greatest idea for Mansford Park is to have a place to grow healthy food for the families. It could help children to understand where food comes from and what foods are truly nutritious. And, it will share the joys and wonders of gardening, create beauty, increase self-esteem, bolster confidence and encourage learning in children, and promote healthier communities. Beyond the economic and nutritional benefits provided by growing one's own fruit, vegetables, and herbs, community gardens provide important social and mental health benefits. Several spokespersons mentioned to me their personal motivation for advocating community gardens: "Most of our members are interested in being a part of a community garden because it gives them a chance to interact with other people. They value the psychological benefits that comes with gardening, over and above the obvious benefit of growing organic produce." [Quote from Barb Atkins, founder of Maple Community Gardens] "For our members, the key benefit of our community garden is that it is not an institutional space." [Anne Bailey commenting on the importance of passive and active gardening as part of the horticultural therapy program at the Vancouver General Hospital] "The most exciting aspect of this project is seeing people of all ages, color, and ethnicity come together to build their community garden." [Christine Gooch reflecting on the work done by community members during groundbreaking for the Queen Mary Community Garden in North Vancouver] These sections of this memo will include the proposed tasks, the schedule, experience, the proposed budget for the research and the work cited. Proposed Tasks: 1. Planning and Gathering Information. Consider putting individuals in charge of different aspects of the garden. These aspects might include Funding and Resource Development, Youth Activities, Construction, and/or Communication. 2. Determine the garden site and garden plots: Choosing a garden site is considered as the simple. Decide where planting will be and where walkways and tool storage might go. Think about planting flowers and shrubs to help beautify the area. 3. Research the estimated costs and estimate the time: The cost should be estimated including the expenses such as the rental fees, maintenance fees, soil improvement fees, utilities fees, etc. 4. Gather Resources: Publicize the project within the congregation to ask for volunteers, materials, and cash donations. Although the project should start out with a group of committed members, the entire congregation should be able to be involved. Contact neighborhood schools to explore partnership possibilities and contact local businesses to ask for donations of materials, equipment, or volunteers. 5. Land partitioning: Consider turning the bed preparation or initial planting into a communitywide, celebratory event. Schedule: Task Date Planning and Gathering Information 5/5 to 5/12 Determine the garden site and garden plots 5/13 to 5/22 Research the estimated costs and estimate the time 5/23 to 6/1 Gather Resources 6/1 to 6/10 Land partitioning 6/10 to 6/19 Experience: I¡¯m currently majoring accounting in Bellevue College. I¡¯m interested in environment science and painting. I think I have Strong interpersonal network and communication skill, good analytical ability and judgment capability. It¡¯s a good chance for me do to this proposal. I will try my best to prepare the land promoting and land partitioning. Budgets: Transportation fees $200 Wages and Salaries $500 Compost and Irrigation $500 Miscellaneous Costs $180 Total: $1380 source..
RECOMMENDATION REPORT The Proposal for Feasibility Study on construction of Community Garden at Mansford Park aims to provide a constructive solution to the preceding problem of the locale regarding the transformation of the Mansford Park towards a more strategic purpose. The project essentially campaigns for strengthening the bond shared between the members of the community and nature itself; this is in emphasis to its initial intent of simply being a practical approach to local interest. The establishment of a community garden generally promotes the well-being of both man and nature; at the same time, it enables both to positively benefit from each other. Besides having it as an advantage relatively to environmental concerns, it also serves as a form of relief and reference for character-building for the members of the community. For in...
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