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The arguments of Berger (Essay Sample)

My friend just brought the essay here as the same topic few days ago,but he got a grade of C-. I don't want that happen to me also. Please try to do the best. I really need a good grade of this paper. Thank you. First writer messed up and used a lot of stuff of the INTERNET and my professor gave me an F, I need a rewrite, if you have any questions - message me please. source..
The arguments of Berger
The paper is a critical examination of a print advertisement. The arguments brought forth in this paper are strongly borrowed from what Berger et al wrote in their book titled "Way of Seeing" a Penguin publication of 1972. It has been noted that in this very competitive business world, each and every organization however small it is it strives to cut themselves an edge in the market. There are various ways at their disposal for these organizations to this. On notable mechanism by which they accomplish this is by advertising their products and services. This can be done through print or other mass media such as radios, billboard as well as TV commercials (Berger 77).
Advertising refers to a process of communication in which it aims at persuading audiences of various demographic characteristics to buy or take certain actions towards a product, services or even thoughts and ideas. Print advertisements include adverts that are printed on some type of paper handled by the potential audience
Chosen print advert
The print advertisement I chose for this assignment is the full page ad for Ford`s new model, the edge that was posted in New York Times on 20 September 2010. This advert was later digitized (Hill 1). According to Berger et al, there is no time in history that mankind has been confronted with dense visual images. He further notes that we might forget or remember print ad messages but we briefly absorb them and for a given duration of time, it stimulates our imagination by impacting on our memories or expectation.
In this case, our memory will be impacted by the way the ad was run, the quality color used, and the word on surrounding the top of the vehicle as well as the wording underneath. They are strong enough especially to what we expect the vehicle to do. The advert asserts that it not only gives direction but orders.
On the same note, publicity has been explained and justified as a competitive medium that results to consumer benefit. In this ad, Ford have tried their best...
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