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Economy, Family, and Community of Hawaii (Essay Sample)

Writing About Economy, Family, and Community (4 pages) Subject and Purpose of Essay Take a specific position that connects something about the economy to your family and to your community. It may be a cause & effect relationship. It may be a complicated process. It may be a careful analysis of reciprocity. It may be a defining of terms that leads to a new understanding. It may be something else, because the ‘it' depends on you and on the approach you take. Background for Assignment Taum's essay on tourism and Rappun's essays Presentation of Thesis Present the thesis quickly in your introduction. Refer to p. 42 of MLA Handbook for advice on answering a question or addressing a problem; and on purpose and audience. Techniques to Choose From for Developing a First Draft 1. Comparison and/or contrast 2. Short quotation from one of the essays in The Value of Hawai'i 3. Short summary from the same, or another essay in The Value of Hawai'i 4. Process 5. Extended definition for something you want to explain (Taum's definition of “aloha,” p. 38) 6. Specific or extended example (Rappun's use of the visiting students) 7. Key questions that author addresses (Taum) 8. Sense of place (Taum as well as Rappun on Hawai'i's uniqueness) Techniques for Concluding Most important here is not that you summarize what you have just done, but rather to posit the significance of what you have just done. You can point to the next necessary step. You can cite the difficulties of what you advocate, but that the benefits or positive effects outweigh the difficulties. You can ... (I have an essay that I have written and received B... I could send those upon request, please let me know.) source..
Effects of Unemployment to the Family
In the current economic situation unemployment has major impacts on almost every aspect of an individual`s life. Unemployment is generally associated with unattractive occupational prospects and possible economic deprivation, resulting in to unpredictable status of the family. Handling the case of unemployment is similarly related to the emotional turmoil that one undergoes during the death of the loved ones or during loss associated with divorce in a family. Unemployment results in a range of emotional conditions ranging from stress, fear, anxiety and depression. Family instability due to low self-esteem, deteriorated family relations and worse of all is the family violence.
According to most social counselors, the first step for dealing with unemployment is to devise means for surviving emotionally and financially until a clear direction has been obtained to ensure family protection. The effects of unemployment ranges from individual direct, economical and psychological to the individual and the family as a whole.
In relation to the economy, unemployment is perceived to be one of the high ranking long-term economic challenges that have sky-rocketed in the last decade in the whole world. During the economic meetings of the last two decades that were conducted by economic counter parts, unemployment topped the list of agendas. One of such debates in the past years was on what should be done in order to solve the puzzle of increasing unemployment rate (Sales, 490). Different economists have come up with a variety of opinions on the causes of high rates of unemployment in the recent years; they have also tried to formulate policies that might be used to reduce unemployment. Economists have also tried to find out the possible causes of unemployment, amongst the causes that they forwarded include; Very high wage rates, new market labor saving technologies, lack of opportunities for advanced education and employ training, low economic growth rate to enhance employment growth, and the variation in the remuneration level of developing economies as compared to the developed economies.
Most economists advocate for proper education as a way of decreasing unemployment, in the developed economies like in the US, unemployment has been cited as one of the biggest problems since most citizens assume that they can remain unemployed and still benefit from welfare schemes created by the government for the whole of their lives. It is highlighted that permanent unemployment is bad for the community, Business and industry, it limits productivity and prosperity.
According to (Nairu, 7) it has been found out that there is a link between unemployment, poor mental health and poor general health. Researchers in (Fetsch, 4) showed that the in formal support systems, mostly the family, friends or relatives can play a big role in helping to absorb the shock against the ...
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