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A Long Way Gone (Essay Sample)

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A Long Way Gone
Recruitment and involvement of children in war is a challenge that disrupts the way of life in affected families. Ishmael Beah, in his book A Long Way Gone, delves into the challenges of child soldiers in Sierra Leone. As a former child soldier, he gives the most significant conflict narrations of our time. The inclusion of children in war is among the greatest evils of the modern world. Ishmael highlights with deeper insights about it in that children themselves are swallowed up by the very wars they are forced to wage (Tinker1). Ishmael has surged intact from this chaos, besides he has become one of its most eloquent chronicles. This assay explores the challenges faced by child soldiers as expounded by Beah and the lessons that need to be learned by the rest of the world especially political leaders.

A child armed to teeth. Source: Pambazuka News

Ready for combat: Source:
A long way gone portrays more challenges for the young generation in times of conflict. In war there are intended and unintended violence as portrayed in a long way gone. The author recounts that these acts were influenced by the use of drugs. The substance catapulted them to react brutally without second thoughts. On the other hand the child soldier suffered from fear and regrets which had dire consequence on them. The fear of civil life was due to their inhuman activities as soldiers. The child soldiers knew their life was secure in remaining in the force than being civilians. The author lauds relief aid workers for coming to the rescue of child soldiers. He serves the audience with one aid worker named Esther whom he depicts as a counselor who succeeds in guiding (Tinker 11). The aid worker also is able to see deep talent of rap in her client as she works to rehabilitate him. Nonetheless, the period of counseling brings realities that the patient does not want. The author recounts resistance and depressing thoughts in child soldiers. For instance, Beah reports on the statement of regret by the rehabilitated who feels remorse to the point of admiring death. However thank relief agencies for Esther who manages to instill reason for a new beginning in her clients.
Meeting people during the war was also catastrophic. They could be of the opposite side of the divide and would mean opening fire. These rebels groups moved through communities and raided villages leaving people with no option other than safety in asylum. It was difficult to meet your family when whole villages ran out searching for safety. This meant that families were torn apart. The a...
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