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book analysis of This Boy'Life and Into the Forest (Essay Sample)

An important academic skill f0r success in college is the ability to write clearly and insightfully about book-length works of literature. Select one of the topics below and write an essay that is well supported by appropriate quote and paraphrases from the books by Wolf and Hegland. Do not just summarize or re-tell the events of each book. Doing your own original analysis is a key part of the assignment. Develop a clear and focused thesis statement and use quotes and examples from the two books to support your argument. A. This Boy's Life take place mostly in Chinook and Concrete, in Washington state, in the 1950s. Into the Forest takes place in a remote, rural Northen California setting in the not-too-distant future. Compare and contrast these two settings. How are thy different? How are they similar? Discuss the challenges of living in each setting and discuss what the main characters learn as a result of these challenges. B. Imagination and creative expression play important roles for both Tobias Wolff and Nell and Eva. Discuss the fantasies and dreams of the characters, as well as the singing and dancing that they do. C. Parents-both present and absent-are very significant in the lives of the characters in the two books. Write a paper exploring the ways that parenting shapes Tobias, Nell, and Eva as they develop into young adults. * Use persent tense in your paper * Use persent tense verbs when refering events in the books * Use events to support your thesis i only have This Boy's Life summary, and I will upload that. please find out the summary of the other book(Into the Forest),because need to find and use well quotes in this essay.this is very important. please please remember to find out summary of Into the Foresr. thank you. please write down which topic you write in last page after you final.thank source..
Book analysis of This Boy's Life and Into the Forest B. Imagination and creative expression play important roles for both Tobias Wolff and Nell and Eva. Discuss the fantasies and dreams of the characters, as well as the singing and dancing that they do. The author of this boy’s Life present’s a critical analysis of life in different extremes. Both authors use imagination and creative expression throughout their narration. In this book, the writers’ imagination depicts family relations which are haunted by breakdowns and misunderstandings that lead to drastic decisions. In the narration, the audience is served with a single mother from a broken family due to domestic violence. The single mother struggles with relocating to safer grounds with her child of a dented marriage, (Wolff 1- 4). The thoughts haunting this mother and son is similar to that which is bedeviling two sisters and their parent in the narration of Into the Forest by Jean Hegland who are witnessing a society that is suffering from moral, social and spiritual decay. In a cleverly weaved work, the authors talk of an eager commitment that the adversaries befall in every person it comes across, (Hegland 1-6). The singing and dancing with their fantasies is noted in the new social circles Toby is found in. He exhibits trends of doing everything in order to impress his mother and the catholic sister whom his mother introduced to him for mentorship. His mother also works extra hard to mix with her social mates and responsibility of motherhood in this new place. Jacks loyalty to instruction is the expectation of every parent towards their children. However, there are discouragements that come along like the realization that jack makes over the catholic faith which leads him to drop the observance of its practices, (Wolff 5-6). Such realization befalls the two sisters when one of them searches her earlier resorts that were influenced by her mother. This has led to their separation from their father and the main culture thus spending time in separation, (Hegland 6-7). The lamenter in this book observes that it is her mother and not her who is responsible in creating this wall of partition that is heavily disturbing them. One of the sisters observes ‘Now I look out at my mother’s tulips and contemplate suicide, (Hergland 8-12).’ The depth of depression and remorse in the ladies is high which leads them to harbor the thought of committing suicide. The young man resorts to change his name by dropping his surname in order to change realize development. He believes that in the new establishment he can be all that he has always wanted to be. This thought triggers him to choose a renowned authors name on the behalf of his fathers whose he considers with low regard. This low regard stems from his father social conduct of deserting them and getting married to a wealthy woman. When Sister James catches Jack aiming his arrow at another boy, Jack is guilt- ridden because he has betrayed someone who was good to him. Subconsciously, Jack makes a comparison between his father's betrayal and his own betrayal of Sister James. Jack's feelings of guilt over betraying Sister James are exacerbated by his fear that he will cause further distress to his mother, whom he wants only to rescue. ‘Whatever it is that makes closeness possible between two people also puts them in the way of hard feelings if that closeness ends’(Wolff 1-4). In the artwork, the young generation is challenged due to decisions made by their elder as much as did the older generation. For instance, in the early years of Jacks mother there was economic strife. The picture shown portrays the ability of the forest and the town localities influence on its dwellers. The thought of authority and influence that have been his sources of depression eventually fade away when opportunity avails him a gun. Symbolically, t...
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