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Color realism debate essay (Essay Sample)

In this essay you are on the affirmative side of the debate. You will be arguing why Color realism is real and be giving examples to support your argument. 1) you must state a clear resolution. 2) you must state each of your contentions with supported evidence. 3) you must have an effective conclusion to the argument. After writing all that information you must also write a small cross examination to the argument to end it all off. The only two sources that you HAVE to use are "The puzzle of True Blue" by Micheal Tye 2006 and "Truest Blue" by Alex Byrne and David Hilbert 2007. Those are the only two sources you have to cite. Thank you source..
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Most people believe that the world is without color and that it is painted as it is by the human mind. However, most color scientists believe that physical objects are colored. They also believe that colors are physical properties. The color scientists represent a minority few who are proponents to centuries-old debate. The opponents of color realism are usually at a loss when it comes to defining simple things like what redness is. The question may seem juvenile to an unlearned mind but is subject to surprisingly erudite definitions. It is rather absurd that people should challenge the presence of the color property in objects such as tomatoes, radishes and strawberries.
Color scientists defend physicalism through a discipline known as reflectance physicalism. This process involves the interaction of fixed, reflective, matter surface with a constant illuminant to produce light. The light is reflected to enter the eye as it bounces off a reflective surface. This means that the surface of the object looks colored hence relevant physical properties are properties of the surfaces of objects. The argument can be strengthened further by stating that the eyes of both human and other organism exhibit what is known as color constancy. A good example of this is that a tomato will still look as though it is red whether it is under sunlight or incandescent light (Bryne A).
If our perceptions are assumed to be veridical, we require physical properties of objects that are mostly illumination independent. Illumination independence is a physical property that is maintained or retained when objects are subjected to changes in illumination. By taking this perspective into account, we are able to rule out a pillar that is esteemed by opponents of color realism. This pillar is contained in the argument that an object only has a particular property of color when it is reflecting a certain wavelength distribution of light.
Metamerism is also a field that has been exploited in order to dismiss color realism. Metamerism is the idea that objects that are of different colors can match up in color when exposed to a given illuminant. Metamerism stipulates that the perception of color happens as a result of three types of receptors that have a broad spectrum of sensitivity. It states that if light that reaches receptors result to the same response by the three receptors, objects will seem to have the same color. The color in this case will not be considerate of the difference in reflectivity. Color realism defends itself from such theories by trying to prove that the presence of metric pairs in natural objects is uncommon. This argument is as a result of breakthrough research conducted by color realism scientists. The issue of metric pairs raises a challenge pertaining to the identification of colors that are attributed to reflectance. Uncertainty also abounds rega...
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