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Search For Life in the Universe: are we alone? (Essay Sample)

Debate Question Assignment Due: Last Day of Class (DEC 6) Following is a suggested list of debate questions with which you have the choice to respond in the affirmative or negative. Debate statements: a. The NASA budget is no longer a luxury we can afford and should be cancelled. b. Manned spaceflight is not cost effective and NASA should concentrate only on robotic spacecraft. c. Intelligent extraterrestrial beings do not exist. d. There exist intelligent beings in our Galaxy with whom we can communicate. e. Life arose out of natural physical processes taking place here on earth. f. Digital computers can, in principle, literally think. The assignment is to present a 1200 word written response to one of the debate questions. (The 1200 word size is a maximum size – no minimum). In order to make a convincing argument it will be necessary to research the topic and include references and citations as deemed appropriate. This assignment is due in class on December 6. source..
Name: Tutor: Course: Date: (December 05, 2012) Search for Life in the Universe. The NASA budget is no longer a luxury we can afford and should be cancelled. NASA is one of the agencies in the world that spear heads the universe exploration and the space research. The activities carried out by NASA are of importance to the universe and as much as NASA researches are not always so obvious up front they are very useful in the technologies and they lead to the development of the U.S. technological competitiveness which is an area of great interest and need investment. Talking of the NASA budget no longer being a luxury may be true but the value it adds to the development of the us cannot be overlooked and hence the budget should not be cancelled since the money spent on space program is not spent in space but here on earth and the technology benefits are also here on earth (Kluger, 2010). NASA is involved in the search for the possible science explanations, the agency were in the year 2011 drafted a bill provi...
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