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Ethical practices of for-profit universities (Essay Sample)

Papers without Works Cited pages will not receive a grade higher than a D. Papers without in-text citations will receive an F. Papers containing plagiarism (regardless of amount or intent) will receive a 0, and you will be dropped from the class with either a WF or a W. Topic: The topic of this paper is the ethical practices of for-profit universities. For-profit universities (such as Kaplan University, DeVry University, and the University of Phoenix) have recently been criticized for their unethical practices regarding marketing of programs, recruitment of students, quality of education, graduation and job placement rates, and students' reliance on financial aid. Write a 4-page paper in which you discuss one or two of the ethical issues involving for-profit universities. Then, after you have discussed these issues, discuss whether or not you believe that these practices are ethical or unethical and explain why. (The part of your paper in which you discuss your opinion regarding whether or not these practices are ethical should be no longer than one page in length Sources: You must use a minimum of 5 sources when writing this paper. You should use only reputable sources when writing this paper. Such sources include university websites, government websites, organizational websites, and articles posted in reputable newspapers, magazines, and journals (such as, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, etc.) The websites of for-profit universities are biased, and the claims made on them should not be accepted as true. You may not use any of the following sources when writing this paper: personal experience, the experience of friends or relatives, interviews conducted by you, notes from other classes, encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia), or dictionaries. Use of any sources of this type makes your paper unacceptable, and you will receive a grade no higher than a D. Paper Format: This paper should be typed and doubled-spaced using 12 point Times New Roman type (the same type that I am using here) and standard margins. Pages should be numbered beginning with the first page of text and stapled together. (If you use a cover page, do not number the page or repeat information on the cover page on the first page of text.) Do not leave gaps between paragraphs. source..
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Ethical practices of for-profit universities
While researching on ethical practices for universities I discovered that For-Profit Universities had been accused and criticized of unethical practices regarding marketing of programs, recruitment of students, quality of education, graduation and job placement rates, and students` reliance on financial aid. This then led to my interest in writing an article that would discuss the unethical practices employed by For-profit Universities. Examples of For-profit organizations include Kaplan University, DeVry University, and the University of Phoenix.
For-profit universities such as University of Phoenix and DeVry University have of late found themselves in a tough situation. They have been under investigation by the government for deceptive practices and recruitment frauds (ABC news 1). A recruiter was found to have lied to a student that a University of Phoenix associate`s degree would allow her to teach in Illinois. ABC News and Chris Cuomo had done their own investigations and they were shocked to discover that their own undercover producer was encouraged by a recruiter to take out the maximum loan amount and he had also given him incorrect information about his ability to teach if he completed a University of Phoenix bachelor's degree.
Associations have come up for the sole purpose of guiding and counseling potential college students and making people aware of unethical practices of For-Profit Universities. National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is an example of such an association. It is a non-profit association of nearly 1200 high school counselors and college admission officers across the United States. The association represents more than 1600 high schools and 1100 not-for-profit public and private colleges and universities (Hawkin1). The core mission of NACAC is to provide a code of ethics for the college admission counseling profession (Hawkins1). The association has found that some organizations are violating some ethics guidelines and so it has come up with principle for the benefit of students and universities.
The first principle is that members should not offer or accept any reward or remuneration from a college, university, agency or organization for placement or recruitment of students. Members will be compensated in the form of a fixed salary, rather than commissions or bonuses based on the number of students recruited. This has been clearly violated by For-Profit Universities and colleges in that a former worker of the Phoenix University Ryan Richardson, complained that he decided to leave work as he had been frustrated and disillusioned by the high-pressure tactics used to recruit students (Coutts 2011). A GAO report shows that several of these universities and colleges employ unethical tactics in recruiting even though most of these schools earn large profits from taxpayers` money (Curtis...
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