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Oil spills (Essay Sample)

I would like from you to write for me a 3 pages essay about a dangerous environmental issue which is (oil spills) and how it affects our world. The essay should have (3 main effects of oil spills on our world). the essay should not have any qouts or paraphrasing from internet. also can you please send me the links for the sources. thanks. call me if you need more details. source..

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Oil spills
According to Fattal et al., oil spills in marine environments can have long term effects not only to wildlife, coastal habitats and fisheries but also to human beings respectively (889). Even though the number of oil spills has decreased from tanker accidents, accidental oil spills caused by maritime transport are still a significant source of pollution for the oceans in the world. Oil spills can occur when individuals make mistakes or become careless thus causing an oil tanker to leak oil into the ocean. In addition to that, oil spills can occur when equipment breaks down thus making the tanker to get stuck on shallow land. This eventually forces individuals to start driving the tanker thus resulting to creation of a hole that initiates the leaking of oil. When two countries are at war, one of them may decide to dump oil into another`s country ocean to gain attention or make a point. Some people also dump oil illegally into the oceans as they do not want to spend a lot of cash on decomposing their waste crude oil or breaking up the oil.
Effects of oil spills on the environment and how it affects the world
Over the years, oil spills have significantly contributed to marine and coastal pollution thus causing disturbance of the coastal environment. The potential harmful effects of this hazard have been taken into account through the implementation of preventive actions in Coastal zone Integrated Management (Fattal et al. 879).
Effects of oil spills on wild life and Habitats
Oil spills have a diverse impact on the wildlife and its habitats through physical contact inhalation, ingestion and absorption. Floating oil often contaminates planktons which includes fish eggs, algae and larvae of various ...
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