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A Journey of the Man (Essay Sample)

I need a 2 page essay based on the movie Journey Of The Man The essay will need to be based on why the work and topic was important. source..
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A Journey of the Man
A Journey of the Man is a documentary that deals with the ancestry of humankind. It was released in 2003 and runs or 120 minutes. It is important to know where man came from because there are different theories that explain the origin of man. Majority of archaeologists and geneticists believe that life started in Africa with a few thousand individuals. The documentary focuses on the Y-chromosome and how it has been passed from one person to another. This has taken around 59,000 years to get to where we are today. Several mutations have gone through the chromosomes and these are evidenced in the documentary.
The world has about six billion people who are spread around several countries. However, several theories, which contradict one another, try to explain the origin of man. The documentary tries to answer the question that has been troubling man for very many years. Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells explains how humanity started in Africa around sixty thousand years ago but due hunger that was rampant in Africa man decided to move across the globe as he searched for better places that would offer him enough food. Wells shows that all the people have a common gene although people are different in appearance such as "Aborigines of Australia, the Bushmen of Namibia, and the Native Peoples of North America" (Rovi)...
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