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History Annotated Bibliography On The Great Depression (Essay Sample)


I need 6 sources. each source need 6 sentences. others instruction is on the photo that i uploaded

Annotated Bibliography: The Great Depression
The great depression marked a historical economic crisis that has lived to be discussed to date. The crisis started in the 1929 up to the year 1939. Several authors have discussed the impact of this economic crisis taking different approaches in discussing the economic crisis. Notably this crisis affected several nations across the world and its impact was felt in different magnitude. In this paper I will analyze the causes of the great depression, the impact of the great depression and lessons learnt from the great depression.
Lee E. Ohanian. What-or Who-Started the Great Depression? UCLA and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Feb 20, 2008.
The author has focused on the different circumstances that led to the great depression. Lee has given an economic analysis of the great depression looking at the various policies and efforts by the governments of that time. In particular Lee has paid attention to the leadership of president Hoover and compared it with the leadership of President Roosevelt. Lee has focused and looked at the great depression on the part of low employment and high wages. In his analysis Lee mentions that Hoovers new deal of countering competition among companies by raising the wages in the 1920 marked the origin of the great depression and that the 1929 effect was a climax of the effects of that deal. Lee also asserts that the labor unions had a role to play in contributing to the great depression.
Kenneth Matziorinis. The Causes of the Great Depression: A Retrospective, 2009.
In his retrospective analysis Matziorinis goes far back to the first world war of the 1914 as a contributing factor to the great depression. He also talks about the fallout and reorganization of the European empires after the war and emergence of smaller states. These states needed to reestablish themselves economically, pay their war debts, issue new currencies and new treasuries. Another notable aspect as by Matziorinis was the suspension of the gold standard as countries needed to print money to pay for their war debts. Global financial imbalances and German War repatriations contributed to the great depression as several countries were in debt with each other. The USA emerged a winner from the First World War and several countries relied on it for credit as its economy was stable as compared to other countries.
Thilo Albers, Martin Uebele,. The Global Impact of the Great Depression. Economic History Working Papers, No.218/ 2015. Department of Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2015.
The authors have discussed the economic performance for 30 countries across the world for the period between 1925 and 1936. In their analysis the authors found out that the global economic recovery of 1931 was slower contrary to what several authors suggest. The European nation had experienced sig...
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