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Response Paper Assignment On The Great Nation Of Futurity (Essay Sample)


Response papers require the student to reflect upon one or two films, writings, and/or concepts, and provide two 250-word essays. Like the major papers, responses should be written using clear English, and proper citations; however, these shorter writings are designed to help the student articulate their “gut level” relationship to class content.
Write about anything you wish, but do so thoughtfully, and show me that you are engaging with the issues we have discussed. The only solid criteria, content-wise, is that you need to address John Ford's film Stagecoach (1939).


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The Great Nation of Futurity
It is indeed great,the manner in whch scholars argue out the notions about the future. It is even more interesting,to take note of aspects such as The Great Nation of Futurity is an article that was published in the Democratic review and was written by John L. O’Sullivan. The Article presents an American nation that upholds morality and believes in equality for all human as well as well as putting God in their mind always. O’Sullivan believes that America is a nation of progress, individual freedom, universal enfranchisement and that equality of rights is the backbone of the Union of states. I agree with John L. O’Sullivan that America is destined to be a great nation of futurity and that no external force whatsoever can stop the nation’s progress.
The futurity concept traces a clear path from the past to the present. It is even more evident from John Fords’ Stagecoach (1939) movie, which captures the stereotypes of the western genre at the time. As shown be the strangers who are in the stagecoach, the society at the time was that which very much manifested the reality of social aristocracy, where there were distinct social cla...
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