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Simulation Project, The Instruction Is To Analyze The Sample Mean And Compare It To Theoretical Mean (Essay Sample)


Can the essay be 300 words and above? Also, please be specific. Thank you so much.

Compare/contrast how Tokugawa Ieyasu in Japan and Louis XIV in France strove to control their nobility
Tokugawa Ieyasu and louis xiv were both men of great power and influence in different parts of the world through the course of our history. Both of these great men has left a big mark on the course of our world as both are unifiers and great rulers in the ancient settings in the societies of our planet. Tokugawa and Louis’s key for being able to rise to their power was by intelligently managing the nobles whom they deemed dangerous and influential to their rule.
Both men have established a well-loved character due to their gift of order and abundance to the people but they did not earn it without sacrifice. Managing the powerful in wealth in a country wherein the power to lead is scarce, the two leaders also made plenty of enemies themselves.
Tokugawa Ieayasu, as a ruler of a shogunate had his highest level of power through the military forces that he has under him, however, Ieaysu still had many competitors for the title of supreme leader. In this sense, Ieyasu, being the emperor, made lots of rules imposing the subjectivities of his fellow noble men and established a great foundation for his time of rule. By redistributing land among his daimyo. Many wars were fought for the planting of these foundations but Ieyasu’s perseverance and patience to see his strict legal methods led the way to the reigning of his era.
King louis xiv subdued his people by imposing strict laws which constricted the power of the other noble men. He also greatly limited the powers of the church. King louis xiv also used his financial and military wealth to establish himself as leader supreme with almost maximum capacities for control because he believed that he had divine rights to rule. He also out rightly removed the princes and princess in his royal council to make sure that he lost the lot of his competitors.
Both men love the proliferation of their culture’s art and literature and that was only one source of their popularity among the people. Their images were built upon each rulers’ principles. King louis xiv saw the world as a place for him to be imposing his own interpretation of di...
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