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The Anticipated Worse Events Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Please focus on expressing original thoughts and the usage of language to show maximized writing skills. Please choose historical events that are thought provoking. Thank you very much:)


The Anticipated Worse Events
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The Anticipated Worse Events
Many people around today feel that the world is heading in the wrong direction with some anticipating worse events to come. Recent surveys conducted on a topic; "All things considered, do you think the world is getting better or worse, or neither getting better, not worse?" The results obtained from different countries were unique. However, a commonality was noted, a greater number of respondents more than 80% indicated that the world is getting worse. For example, the respondents in Sweden that indicated that the world is getting better were 10% followed by the respondents in the USA with 6% and in Germany, only 4% of the respondents indicated that the world is getting better. In support of the above assertion, it can be noted that human improvement over the history is actually not good. However, in contradiction to this sentiment, the essay herein present the improvement in the current world based on facts that reveal on the positive impacts in relation to poverty, literacy, and health.
In relation to poverty, the statistics of people living in both relative and absolute poverty have decreased by 90% whereby as at the year 2015, people living in absolute poverty accounted for 9.6%. This figure is greater than the results noted in the 1820s whereby the majority of the world’s population languished in absolute poverty at 90% with those in both relative poverty and above poverty level at 5.6%. This is a proof of better life that contradicts the notion of anticipated worse events (McVeigh, 2013).
Based on literacy level, the current generation is a thousand times literate than the generation in the 1820s. At that time, it is noted that every tenth person above 25 years was literate. This figure increased to every third person in 1930s that was literate. It is an indication that almost 9 out of ten were illiterate at the time. However, the current literacy level is astonishing. This is due to improve technology, and freedom to access education. Currently, more than 5.4 billion people older than 25 years can read and write with different skills in the job market especially those who are above 18 years (McVeigh, 2013).
Regarding healthcare improvement, a greater achievement has been realized due to education. There are numerous scientific breakthroughs that have enabled the reduction of mortality rates and spread of infections. The discovery of germ theory in the 19th century played a crucial role in the reduction of germ infection through maintenance of hygiene and sanitation. On the same note, vaccination is another imp...
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