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Illiteracy And Poverty Research Proposal: Important Parts (Research Proposal Sample)


please see the attachment , these are previes sections that i worked on, and please read it first and then fellow the idea, do the 4 pages, ues the instruction that i provid below:
Discussion--This is the new part of your writing. While it is worth the most points, it may not be the longest section. Do your best to cover the following topics thoroughly. (90 points)
1. Give a review of your reason for doing the study and what you did. This part will sound like a short recap of your introduction section. (15 points)
2. Summarize the important parts of your predicted results. Add a conscious discussion about the practical implications of your predicted results. If you predicted a statistically significant result, is it also practically significant? What decisions should be made based on the results? How urgent is action? What can people achieve with the knowledge provided? (subpart of Discussion, 25 points)
2. Describe one or more limitations of your study, and be hard on yourself with this. The most direct path to full credit for this section is to give paragraph-length explanations of at least 3 limitations. Consider questions about the population under study, missing variables, possible alternative explanations, etc. The circumstances that led to accepting those limitations for your study is reasonable to include here. (subpart of Discussion, 25 points)
3. Last, describe what these predicted results would mean in terms of the field as whole -- implications for future research and broader impact on the field. End your article with a description of what your next step(s) would be in this line of research. Consider things like different types of replications and ways to improve on the limitations that you found. If you found negative effects of a current practice, how would you identify the best replacement practice? The most direct path to full credit for this section would be paragraph-length explanations about how to overcome each of your limitations, plus a paragraph-length explanation about the broader impact of the predicted results. (subpart of Discussion, 25 points)
While I have not identified any particular points for correctly doing APA formatting, I'm hoping that you've had enough feedback on this to do well by now. I will take no more than 15 points off for APA errors.
Other Notes
You're writing this as a proposal, so in general, future tense is your best bet when you're talking about your proposed study.
Use 12-point font, Times New Roman font, no colors, 1" margins all around, double-spaced.
Do your best, folks -- the main thing I'm looking for here is that you've thought about an empirical finding in your field and planned a way to extend the results into a new direction. Or maybe you've found an article whose conclusions you disagree with and think you could do a better job of examining the research question. I care much more about your ideas than I do about how fancy you can say them.


Illiteracy and Poverty Research Proposal
University Affiliation:
The research is intended to determine the relatedness between illiteracy and poverty. Most societies of the world are affected by illiteracy and poverty. The progress of life has been limited by this and in essence a rift between the rich and the poor has been justified with the above. Poverty and illiteracy have a correlation in most societies of the world. This research proposal intends to look at the relatedness of illiteracy and poverty. Poverty according to the World Bank is a whereby individuals live below 2 US dollars in a day. Illiteracy is a situation in which the people are unable to read or write. Education has always been a stepping stone in changing the literacy levels of the people. Access to education in impoverished societies is a challenge which in many ways has impacted on the literacy levels of the people in those societies.
The impoverished situation in most setups is surprisingly increasing despite the strategies to eradicate poverty (Panagariya and Mukim, 2014). Some of the strategies that have been put up include improving the literacy levels, increasing income g

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