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Research and Describe the Main Causes of Poverty (Essay Sample)


describes your experience with poverty (1 page) and discusses two causes of the poverty in the world, one political and one non-political (1 page)


Causes of Poverty
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March 28, 2017
During my visit to Vietnam last year, I was able to get a firsthand experience of how poverty looks like in real life. For most of my life, scenes such as people living under bridges, children running around the streets asking for alms, and people scavenging for food in dumpsters have only been scenes that I’ve seen from the movies. I didn’t actually pay attention to how grave and widespread the issue of poverty is and simply regarded it as problem with which the responsibility falls only to the state and non-state actors that are concerned with it. Perhaps, this is mainly because of my own ignorance to the subject matter due to the fact that these are not a ‘commonplace’ within my own environment. As compared to my trip to Vietnam, you won’t really see any bunch of children asking for the food that you’re currently eating just so that they could have something to eat in my own home place. You would not also see any families living in gutters with their clothes tattered to pieces and their beddings made up of cartons that they’ve found in the trash. No, these are not common scenes that you’d see in my place, and that’s why the likes of me easily find it surprising how blinded am I to these issues. However, there was one point during my trip when I saw some children begging for alms while carrying their baby brothers (...
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