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Our Own Identity Different Physical Attributes And Brains (Essay Sample)


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Our Own Identity
Everyone is born different. We come into the world with different physical attributes and brains. However, like the ones who went or came before us, we eventually learn to conform to the universal ways of perceiving and approaching things. In a world where people are afraid to think outside the norm, everything is scrutinized and this happens in the current setup of societies all over the world. Every behavior, idea, doctrine, and mindset that seems to challenge or upset the status quo is challenged. However, the most amazing thing in the world today is that those who choose not to conform to the patterns of the world, are the ones who are responsible for the major developments experienced today. One good example is Steve Jobs. In the technology world, Jobs decided to think outside the box and his ideas were at some point laughable. However, today, the world credits his unorthodox thinking. A person like Martin Luther King Jr. decided not to conform as well and today, his name is known all over the world. The non-conformist create movements and their names and legacies are forever immortalized.
However, even though nonconformists bring change, the sad reality is that the majority are conformists at least according to Mark Twain. Twain notes that “it is our nature to conform; it is a force which not many can successfully resist.” Well, Twain’s words are filled with a lot of truth in them because it is easy to conform than to challenge status quo. For most people,

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