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Serious sociopolitical issues in the U.S (Essay Sample)


From your personal perspective, situated here in the US, what are the most serious current sociopolitical issues in need of immediate address/action? (list only)
How is the general public informed about important social, economic and political matters? (list only)
What media are their primary sources of information? Consider: age/generational differences, regional/geocultural differences, socioeconomic differences.
Regardless of choice of information medium/media, are most members of the US public well and accurately informed about the issues that directly affect their lives?

Explain/illustrate your view by citing from your own experience, observation, or education. (full discussion)
What are your primary sources of information on important social, economic and political matters? (list only)


Forum 1 Discussion
Institutional Affiliation
Forum 1 Discussion
Serious sociopolitical issues in the U.S
* Ineffective governance
* Immigration
* Police brutality
* Education issues/Student debt
* Healthcare reform
* Homelessness
* Unemployment
* Civil rights
* Pollution
* Unemployment
* Gun control
How the general public is informed
* Through the media
* Education in learning institutions
* Community interactions
* Political dialogues and campaigns
Media that is the primary sources of information
Different kinds of media act as primary sources of information for different kinds of people who could be differentiated based on age or generational differences, socioeconomi

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