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Music esssay. Diversity and Inclusion Definitions. (Essay Sample)


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Background: • Thus far, our class has addressed cultural representation in terms of how an industry creates spaces for social visibility. These spaces, though, are not free of historical tensions, and the issue of race is the one that seems to be the most recurrent.  Prompt: • How do you think that this class problematizes “diversity” (part of the perennial rhetoric of “diversity and inclusion”) as a highly politicized notion prone to social conflict?  • Your paper should have a strong and clear thesis, using one historical musical example covered in class to contextualize and illustrate your point (e.g., race music, rock n’ roll, classic blues, minstrelsy, Tin Pan Alley golden-age song, etc.) • As per the syllabus, plagiarism will not be tolerated. The University’s Student Code defines plagiarism as “failing to properly credit information, research, or ideas to their rightful originators or representing such information, research, or ideas as your own" (please refer to Appendix A, p. 12 in the Student Code). Any instance of academic misconduct of this type will be dealt with according to the disciplinary guidelines established by the Student Code. • Please refer to the attached grading rubric for more specific instructions on how to draft and organize the content of your paper. 


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Music Essay
Diversity involves human differences in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, social class, religion believes, and physical abilities and attributes. On the other hand, inclusion refers to empowerment and recognition of human dignity. Inclusion respects and values people's talents, backgrounds, beliefs, and their way of living. Social conflicts involve the struggle for power in society, and they occur when two parties oppose each other (Ferris State University para.2).

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