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How Minnesota Should Address Gun Safety (Essay Sample)


Please write an essay about the topic "How Minnesota should address gun safety" around 700 words so that I could give this social protest speech about 7min, along with a brief powerpoint including key points of the essay so that I could give the speech with the powerpoint. Specific requirements will be uploaded later.


How Minnesota Should Address Gun Safety


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How Minnesota Should Address Gun Safety

Gun violence! Gun violence! The term is not new to any of us. How many people will we lose before effective measures against gun violence are implemented? Thousands of people have lost their lives through gun violence in Minnesota. In 2016, over 432-gun deaths were reported, with 332 deaths being suicidal which is 77% of the Minnesota deaths in the year (Moini, 2018). The numbers are unreasonably high, showing the need to develop a viable solution to the problem. It takes both the old and young to tackle this problem. Well, you all know what they say, you are never too old to learn. Gun violence has been closely associated with the younger population, but even the older population plays a significant role. Guns have no second chances; hence the rules of gun safety should always be adhered to. Loaded firearms should be handled with a lot of care and stored out of reach, especially for young adults under the age of 18 years. Another measure to addressing gun safety is to be sure of the target and anything beyond it. By doing this our society is likely to suffer fewer deaths from gun violence.

Most incidences of gun violence in the society occur due to the irresponsible and poor handling of firearms. A proper understanding of the firearms and handling them skillfully will prevent hunting incidences that lead to unintentional firing causing death. Youths are also eligible to attend a firearms safety certification course and get a certificate from the age of 11. The Department of Natural Resources has more than 400 instructors who train students annually (Department of Natural Resource, 2018). The program places attention on hunter conduct and ethics. For example, Kick was a volunteer administrator in the (DNR) working as a hunter education instructor. He taught over 3600 students about firearm safety, conducting videotape classes (Johnson, 2014). How many would take this as a challenge to go out there and reach out to more youth, and educate them about firearms safety? It is the only way to make society more knowledgeable concerning firearms safety. In addition, any individual owning a firearm should be responsible when cleaning and storing a loaded gun. Possession of a firearm in an environment where drugs and alcohol are being used is against the law. Drug effect can trigger individuals to carry out an unintentio

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