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Family Violence, Women and Domestic Violence (Essay Sample)


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Women and Domestic Violence
Women are exposed to violence and even fatal injuries right within the relationships where they are supposed to feel protected. Ideally this is a topic that requires the intervention of the community at large (Alsaedi, Elbarrany, Majnon & Al-Namankany, 2017). The health care givers are part of the society and a solution to the problem. However, care givers need training for these situations. As such, even when they encounter or suspect such cases, they do not have the right set of skills to assist the patients (Alsaedi, Elbarrany, Majnon & Al-Namankany, 2017). This leaves the patients in a dilemma, as they also do not want to report to authorities in most of the cases for they are either ashamed and they also fear that their spouses may also take revenge and hurt them even more. (World Health Organization, 2018).
In a study that was carried out in the year 2006, this showed that there is a prevalence of women being exposed to violence at the rate between 15 and 71% (Alsaedi, Elbarrany, Majnon & Al-Namankany, 2017). Later on in the year 2013, in a study conducted by the World Health Organization, it was established that more than 30% of the women that have been in relationships have been exposed to some element of physical and or sexual violence (Alsaedi, Elbarrany, Majnon & Al-Namankany, 2017). Ironically this is violence they have met at the hands of someone they are involved with romantically.
In the article Barriers that Impede Primary Health Care Physicians from Screening Women for Domestic Violence at Makkah ALmukarramah City, present a rather interesting insight with reference to the neglected aspect of tackling the vice (Alsaedi, Elbarrany, Majnon & Al-Namankany, 2017). Most of the health care providers do not have the skills to handle such cases. The article also indicates that there are good number of barriers that face the health care givers hindering them from offering lasting interventions. As such the research was focused on identifying the barriers that impeded physicians from screening women that have been abused domestically. The paper details a cross sectional study, which used questionnaires and collected data from 62 physicians in primary health car

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