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Gender And Violence: Explained In Terms Of Gender Difference (Research Paper Sample)


Hi there, the paper must use at least FIVE scholarly academic sociological sources. Do not use more than one or two direct quotes. Essay should be written in YOUR own voice(Read course outline for greater details of admissible and not admissible sources)
It must include 1.Title Page (APA) 2.Introduction 3.Content 4.Critical Sociological Analysis 5.Conclusion 6.References
I chose the topic "gender and violence", the prof requires that it must have an ARGUEMRNT here, for example:"I contend that gender inequality perpetuates gender violence and is an outcome of the perceived threat to the gendered world and therefore used as a mechanism to re-establish and reproduce patriarchal order."(but don't use this thesis).
For relevance of the topic within contemporary society, use of at least three sources from 2008 to 2018 is required.
Note: Do not use sources with No Author, No Date (i.e. n.d. ) for this paper.
More specific details please see the ducument that I uploaded. Please have an argument and in your own voice. This paper account for 30%. Thank you soooo much. Sincerely.


Gender and Violence
Institution Affiliation
Gender and Violence
Gender-based violence (GBV) can be justified or explained in terms of gender difference, roles, and inequality. Women suffer most in this form of abuse, and it is usually perpetrated by men (McIlwaine, 2013). However, this does not mean that men do not suffer the same fate. In fact, there are some instances where men are victims of domestic-based violence from their family members such as wives and children. Also, they may suffer verbal and physical attacks for defying the predominant conceptions about masculinity, such as being gay. Nonetheless, the number of women suffering from gender-based violence surpasses that of men (Montesanti, 2015). GBV often involves physical assaults, sexual abuse, and verbal harassment and is a phenomenon witnessed all over the world. Violence against women happens in almost every segment of the society, ranging from different ethnicities, cultures, and social classes. Women may suffer sexual and physical abuse from either their intimate partner or non-partner. According to the United Nations, about one in every three women encounters physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime. Approximately 30% of women across the world have encountered either physical or sexual abuse worldwide, and approximately 70% of women have suffered physical or sexual violence from their spouses (Montesanti, 2015). GBV has the dire effects on the victims, and may result in physical injuries or suffer sexual and reproductive health problems such as unwanted and forced pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, unsafe abortions and even death. I will apply both the conflict theory and functionalist theory to discuss the issues related to GBV. Gender-based violence has devastating effects on women and girls, who may suffer from stress, depression and poor work performance.
Several scientific studies have proven the severe effects of the GBV on the health of women and girls. It has a horrible impact on the reproductive, sexual, physical as well as mental and behavioral health of the victims. Health repercussions of gender-based violence may be immediate and acute or long-term and chronic. In fact, the adverse health impact of GBV may last long after the act of violence. The magnitude of the violence determines the severity of the impact on victims. Besides, when women experience more than one type of violence such as physical and sexual or experience multiple violence incidents over an extended period, they may suffer more severe health consequences (Heise, Ellsberg, & Gottmoeller, 2002). Therefore, it is clear GBV has dire implications on the overall life of women and girls
Literature Review on the Effects of GBV on Women and Girls
One of the studies by McCloskey (2016) conducted on the role of GBV in unwanted pregnancy and abortion confirms the existence of a significant number of women who are forced to unplanned pregnancies by their partners. The study also revealed that women dating violent partners before the age of twenty years are more likely to encounter abortion at some point. Moreover, McCloskey (2016) emphasizes that long-term exposure to GBV may have dreadful consequences to the health and reproductive freedom of the women. Women are denied right to use birth control measures and are forced to have sex even if they do not want (McCloskey, 2016). The sexual abuse and denial of freedom of reproduction where violent partners demand unprotected sex usually lead to unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, and in some cases, this pressures the women to have abortions against their will. Further, there is increased likelihood of cases of abortion in girls who experienced accumulated sexual and physical victimization during their childhood than in those who had non-sexual childhood trauma (McCloskey...

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